Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Is In The Air!

Posey patterned pants and tulip-shaped tops are popping up on every rack in town, but florals aren't exclusively a fashion trend this year. Locals chefs are using florals for flavor! Check out this round-up from some LA hot spots!


  • Muddy Leek - Culver City’s newest “from scratch” restaurant, Muddy Leek loves to use flowers like nasturtium's, mallow flowers, minors lettuce, and sweet pea flowers as garnishes, as seen in their newest cocktail the Sr. Calarita (mezcal, jalapeno, cucumber, lime) which is finished with a cilantro flower.

Sir Calarita

  • Susan Feniger's STREET - Global tastes are infused into every bite and sip in this restaurant, and florals like rose water make their Rye & Roses cocktail (rye whiskey, elderflower liquer, rose water and lemon) even sweeter.

  • Urban Garden – This casual new Mediterranean eatery on Fairfax from George Abou-Daoud (Bowery Enterprises) adds an unexpected twist to their signature lemonade by adding rose water.

Mignon – Mignon's cozy French style is reflected in their salads, which use fresh picked nasturtium.