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Drinking Around Epcot Plus Grand Marnier Slush Recipe

Drinking Around Epcot Guide

Did you know: Walt Disney originally wanted to open Disney World in St. Louis but changed his mind because the Anheuser-Busch Corporation said anyone who thought they could open a place without beer in that city was nuts! Those of you who have attended Disneyland in CA may have noticed that you can only purchase alcohol in the California Adventure park. Guess the Disney team wanted to preserve Walt’s wishes on the West Coast, but in Florida, Disney World has quickly become a different story.

By now, knowing my Disney obsession and all, it shouldn't surprise you that back in '08, I spent my 21st Birthday celebration in Disney World. My parents told me I could pick anywhere, Vegas, Miami, NYC…. Nope, this girl picked Disney World. You see, growing up I was always fascinated by the different food and drink offered in Epcot and I wanted to finally be able to “Drink Around The World”. I’ll admit, I was a lightweight back then... (still am). I made it through about 4 out of the 11 countries on a 90 degree day in August before throwing in the towel.

On a recent trip to WDW for Food Blog Forum, my blogger bestie, Jessica from My Baking Heart and I took our Prince Charmings and decided we were going to Drink Around The World in an attempt to redeem myself. I’ll say, I made an impressive dent in my past record but I wasn't able to check every country off the list. While I still have a ways to go, I thought I would at least put together a guide for those of you who want to take on the challenge! I’ll do my best to update with better pictures as the years go on as well!

Starting in Canada and going counter-clockwise, here it goes!

Canada – Moosehead Beer (We skipped this one because the line was pretty long and it was just beer….#justbeinghonest)

Photo from
United Kingdom – Pints from the Rose & Crown cart. The boys took part in this one... no photos because Jess and I were too busy looking at the Peter Pan topiaries. Again... honesty. 

France – Grand Marnier Slushies, Kir Royals, and Champagne Flights. You can get all of these from the cart outside of Chefs de France. This stop made up for any drinks we may have missed.... no judging allowed.
Be sure to check out the recipe at the bottom of this post to see how you can make your own Grand Marnier Slush! 

Morocco – Moroccorita. We didn't know these existed until afterwards but this is pretty much a margarita made with vodka. Adding that to the list for next time!  

Japan – Sake Flights, Sparkling Sake, and Mt. Fuji Cocktails. Our Misters were big fans of tossing back Sake Flights before/during/and after dinner while Jessica and I opted for the fruity Mt. Fuji cocktails at Teppan Edo. We also tried out the Sparking Sake…which kicked off the “silly” portion of the tour.

America – Sam Adams …. Mr. Baking Heart got one while Mr. Kasey's Kitchen tried to get French Fries in the American Pavilion... turns out, that's not possible. 

Italian Wine in Epcot

Italy – Prosecco Flight. This was so delightful. I’m a big fan of bubbles and the sweet selection that Italy had to offer was a treat for my tastebuds.

German Beer in Epcot

Germany – Beer and Riesling. Brews are the obvious choice while in the Germany Pavilion but they have a fabulous wine selection as well. We also indulged in a yummy cheese plate to help absorb some of the libations.

China – Canto Loopy Cocktail. This is a tea-infused cantaloupe cocktail mixed with vodka. We didn’t have the chance to try it but sources say it’s pretty darn good if you’re into melon.

Photo from
Mexico – Margaritas. Duh. Too dark for a picture, and quite frankly, it would have been too blurry at this point. 

As promised, here is a recipe inspired by the delicious Grand Marnier Slush from the French Pavilion.

Orange Grand Marnier Slush

1 part Grey Goose Citron
1 part Grand Marnier
2 parts sweet and sour mix
Orange food coloring

Blend ingredients together. Add food coloring in gradually until you achieve the desired color. 

WDW Orange Grand Marnier Slush

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