Sunday, March 29, 2015

DIY Storage Ottoman Makeover

As I admitted in my last DIY post, ever since moving into our new place, I have been on a craft-kick. When we were cleaning out our old apartment, I tried to look at everything with Pinterest-blinders and see if there would be a way to repurpose things, and sure enough… there was! One thing in particular was our old storage ottoman that we bought at Target when we first moved to LA. Now something in my head at the time told me that it would be completely sensible to get this ottoman and let it double as storage and a coffee table. Not going to lie, that was a mistake. We managed with it for a few years but finally we caved an bought a real wooden coffee table and let the ottoman live the rest of its life as it was meant to.

After three years with us and numerous claw marks in it from our ferocious cats, it was time to decide whether or not it was getting tossed or revamped. It was after seeing the Carmel Ottoman on a trip to Living Spaces that I knew this little bugger would be my next DIY project.

After looking up a few different tutorials, I found this one from Guyer Family Blog. They had the exact same ottoman as I did and showed really simple steps to get it done. Now mind you, I DO NOT SEW, so this tutorial was right up my alley. I’ve learned that if you give me a staple gun I can redecorate the world!  

Please feel free to refer to the tutorial from Guyer Family Blog for full instructions, but here’s a heads up as to what you’ll need.

3 yards of fabric, I suggest getting a bottom-weight or light canvas material.

 (on sale here from Amazon)



Note: I added in the Nail Trim and couldn’t have been happier. I purchased the trim from Amazon and it was WAY easier (and cheaper) than doing them individually by hand. 

Mya fully approves the new ottoman design. So much so that she has given it numerous "love scratches". Good grief. 

I'm pretty in love with how our living room has come together since the move. Clearly I had the ruling influence of the design. If I didn't get a nose wrinkle from The Mr. than I was good to go!
Looking at this though, I now realize that I need to fill up the rest of the gallery wall. The photos were up before the couches came in...which was a whole fiasco. Needless to say, this was not the original layout but we made it work. Now I just need more frames!

All the goodies in the living room are a combination of HomeGoods, Etsy, Ikea, Living Spaces, and Flea Markets. Oh and a few gifts tossed in here and there. 

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