Friday, June 20, 2014

Stupid Good Sushi at Sugarfish Beverly Hills

Last night was "Girls Night" and since The Mr. was away on a golf trip, I knew I could indulge in a food that he wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole... sushi! 
I have always heard rave reviews from my friends and colleagues about Sugarfish so I knew this was the perfect time to get my hands on the raw goodness. 
With two girlfriends in tow, I had my first experience at the Beverly Hills Sugarfish. Knowing that there would be a wait, we got there on the early side, around 6pm and only waited about 20 minutes which I soon realized was a cakewalk compared to the typical 90 minutes. 
Once seated in our cozy, candlelit table we perused the concise menu and made our decisions. Being accompanied by Sugarfish Pros I went with the "Trust Me" option as well, swapping out salmon for the sweet shrimp. 
Every bite at Sugarfish is moan-inducing. My favorites were the Tuna Sashimi which is prepared in a scrumptious ponzu sauce and the halibut sushi that just melted in your mouth. The combination of the crisp, clean fish and the subtly sweet warm rice is seriously euphoric. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. Perhaps the fact that gossip and laughter were the only things emitted between bites made everything taste even better but it's safe to say that I have officially joined the Sugarfish cult and I am not upset about it. 
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