Over the past few weeks I've been scouring the LA area to find some of the hottest, yummiest and trendies Foodie Finds that are hitting the tables and store shelves. Thanks to events like GBK's Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite, Debbie Durkin's Eco Oscar Suite and the Natural Products Expo I was able to create quite a round-up! Ready to check it out!?
I’m sure my girl Vineal Vixen would kill me for adding these wines to my list but for my “not-so-advanced” wine palate, I LOVE Moscatos and Viva Diva has the widest variety I’ve seen. With flavor infusions such as Strawberry, Mango and Peach, this bottle of flirty bubbles if perfect for your next girls night!
These yummy Naan breads have been a staple in my pantry for quite some time now but at the GBK event, I had the chance to sample their newest flavor, Sweet Chili. It was seriously out of this world! I made an amazing Thai Chicken Pizza out of it! I’ll be sharing that recipe ASAP!
Who doesn’t love chocolate, right?? Now what if I told you I found chocolate that is actually GOOD for you! Vita Chocolate is a new line that promotes multiple functions in their different flavors. Coconut for metabolism, Goji for your immune system, Mint for digestion! Maybe we’ll have to change that phrase to, “a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away!”
One trend on the rise in food products is “probiotics”. They seem to be popping up everywhere! I had the chance to try this trend in the from of a froyo. If I can have something that tastes like dessert and is actually doing good things to my body. I’m totally game!

I’ve become quite a tequila recently and I got to say that Agave Underground does it right! Maybe it was the master mixologist Durkin Entertainment had on hand but my cocktail that was infused with applesauce and a little bitters was the perfect recipe for this 10:30am libation!
This LA staple was on hand to nourish the bellies and souls of the guests at the GBK event. I had a blast getting to know the guys behind the brand and their food was a knockout! The shrimp tacos were by far my favorite and I’m pretty sure I could have eaten their homemade tortilla chips all day long if they had let me!
Some of you may know by my recipes on Kasey’s Kitchen that I’m a HUGE fan of coconut oil. At Expo West I was introduced to the “Chief Coconut” at Kalpeo and she had me try not only the yummy virgin coconut oil but they are the first company I’ve seen to make a coconut oil cooking spray! Talk about convenient!
Take a look at more pictures from these awesome events in the album here!
Enjoying munching on those new finds for a while and I promise I’ll be back soon with some more delicious finds!
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