Monday, February 27, 2012

Kasey's Kitchen Present : "Dish Re-Do"

As many of you know, I'm not into recipes and I'm all about "winging it" in the kitchen!
One of my favorite things to do is take left-overs from one meal and turn it into something new! So I decided to start a series of "Dish Re-Dos" where I will give you some ideas of how to take yesterday's dish and turn it into today's delicious!

The first "Dish Re-Do" is made with left overs from Chinese take-out.

Everyone knows that you also order too much and there are ALWAYS leftovers however it never tastes the same or re-heats well the next day. Here's a fun little "re-do" for it!

What You Need:
Fried Rice
BBQ Spare Ribs, Chicken Satay or Teriyaki Beef
Chicken Broth
Siracha or Chili Paste
Fresh Ginger (optional)

What To Do:

Heat a medium sauce pan on a medium heat

Add fried rice, meat (cut up depending on size) and let that heat up.

Add in Chicken broth, enough for it to cover the rice and meat.

Add Siracha or Chili Paste according to taste and grate in some ginger if you have it.

Bring to a slight simmer and serve!


**Bonus - This is totally Dorm Room friendly because you can put everything in a microwave save bowl and zap it!

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