Friday, July 24, 2009

Dine-Out Dish #3: Waterfront Grille

The Spot: Waterfront Grille
The Location:36 Homers Wharf
New Bedford, MA
The Rating: 10/10
The Dish: Growing up just 10 minutes outside of New Bedford, I've had the luxury of getting great seafood, amazing Portuguese food, and a boat-load of history to boot.
It wasn't until this past spring however that I felt that there was finally a place that depicted what "South-Coast Massachusetts" is to me more than the Waterfront Grille. It is casual and classy, polished and relaxed, and the food.... well.

The opening act to our meal was a wonderful amuse bouche (look it up, you'll learn something) of pan seared scallops and prime sirloin for my non-seafood-eating guest. Next in the line-up was a cup of their Clam Chowder, you can't go to a seafood restaurant, let alone one in New Bedford, without getting CHOWDAH, and as New Englanders, we hold the right to be extremely judgmental on this subject. In my opinion it was a bit too thick however it was still loaded with clams and potato. It was very filling so I needed help finishing it.

For dinner I had the Orange Ginger Scallops, this dish in my mind was perfection. The pan seared scallops were enrobed in a sweet and tangy glaze that was not at all over powering and did not flood the plate which can tend to happen. The highlight of my dish was the Coconut Rice which I opted for instead of the Jasmine Rice which I believe is what it's usually served with. This rice is amazing, I would make a meal out of it, but then again I'd really be missing out on other dishes.

The great thing about Waterfront is that there is something for everyone. Tons of fresh seafood, sushi, and a great selection of steaks and meats. One guest at my table had the Baby Back Ribs which were practically falling off the plate there were so many! No complaints from the table's carnivore, although he was amazed at how "NON-messy" they were. Great ribs if you're on a date! ;-)

The Bottom Line: This is the perfect place for dinner before heading over to The Rose Alley or Catwalk. They have a huge deck for outdoor seating and rumor has it that they recently put in an amazing outdoor bar... I GUESS I'll have to go and report back on it. The prices are well worth it, but if you're like me and used to the prices of Boston, this is a straight up steal. So whether you're from the area or want to come check out my neck of the woods, Waterfront Grille is a must.