Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dine-Out Dish #2- BoYo (Boston Yogurt)

The Spot: BoYo (Boston Yogurt)
The Location:Charles River Plaza (by Whole Foods)
175 Cambridge Street
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

The Rating: 10/10The Dish: Best thing to hit Boston this summer!! Now I do have to start by explaining my love for the California-based Pinkberry. In a word...OBSESSED! While living in SoCal last summer I had this tart-froyo with fresh fruit at least three times a week. So when I heard a similar concept was coming to The Bean, I signed up for their newsletter right away to find out when it would open. If you're addicted to ice cream but not the guilt, give this a try. I even got my "Junk Food Only" boyfriend to like this!

You walk into the brightly colored shop and greeted by excited workers behind the counter. In front of you is a plethora of toppings, everything from fresh cut fruit...fruitty pebbles cereal...mochi (my favorite)...and chocolate chips just to name a FEW! The yogurt is available in 4 sizes...kid, regular, large, and pint. It's a pretty good value starting at around $2.75 for a kids (which is a good size) but when you start adding on the toppings at 90cents each, it gets pricey. A suggestion for BoYo, include 1 topping in your price and then charge for the add-on, we'll love you for it!

Anyway, the flavors are great... there is the original with can be swirled with the other ever-changing flavors such as berry, honeydew melon, and banana (amazing!)
If you're not into the fro-yo, BoYo also offers Sorbet and Gelato in numerous flavors.

The Bottom Line: This is the perfect new neighbor for summer! I've found myself riding my bike down to get my fix! The colorful atmosphere can make even New England's gloomiest days brighter! The concept is wonderful, the staff is friendly, and the product is perfection. Bravo!!
Now I just need to figure out a way to get me one of the awesome hats they wear! BoYo Pro-Shop please?!