Friday, August 29, 2014

Grab The Popcorn, Kasey's Kitchen is Hitting Your TV This Weekend!

Don't forget to watch this Sunday as I compete with two other home cooks to get my dish on the menu of Manhattan Beach Post! I make funny faces, say sarcastic comments, and may even burn a few things... it's worth watching!

Learn some more about the show from our host, Masterchef Alum, Monti Carlo!

(Excerpt taken from interview done with Chris Queen, read the full article here)

1. What can you tell us about the new show?

I’m so stoked to be hosting Make My Food Famous! It’s a competitive cooking show filmed in some of the best restaurants in the country. Three home cooks get to battle it out in a professional kitchen to get their original recipe on a renowned chef’s menu. The pilot airs this Sunday August 31st on A&E’s FYI Network at 10PM ET/PT though you should check your local listings since air times are subject to change. It was shot in Manhattan Beach, California at Michelin Starred Chef David LeFavre’s incredible MB Post.
Chef LeFavre has worked with some of modern cuisine’s culinary giants like Ferran Adria and Charlie Trotter. To impress this man enough to showcase your creation on his menu is an almost impossible feat. To do it as a home cook is a near miracle. The show isn’t just for foodies and culinary enthusiasts. It’s also for people that get a kick out of watching someone hustle to make their dreams come true. It is truly inspirational!


2. Where did the concept come from, and how did you get involved?

The Make My Food Famous concept was created by Super Delicious, the production company behind Cupcake Wars. In October of last year I received a message on my Facebook Fan Page (MC3Monti) from Michelle Furtney-Goodman an exec at Super Delicious. MasterChef 3 had just finished airing ( I made it all the way to the Top 5!) and I was hosting a morning radio show in Phoenix. One of Michelle’s good friends was a regular listener and told Michelle that I would be a great host for a show.
Michelle and I got to talking and two months later I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles to audition for Make My Food Famous. I was up against some incredibly talented chefs with huge followings, so it was nerve-wracking going through the lengthy audition process. I second-guessed my move many times. But in mid-April, two weeks after my on-camera audition for A&E I got the call that I had been waiting for! The powers that be had chosen me to host!
I was in a CVS paying for prescriptions when I got the call and the first thing I said (actually shouted) was “SHUT UP!!!”. I was so shocked my legs actually gave out and I fell to my knees. #Hilarious. I gave that poor cashier a heart attack.

Remember, Check your local listings for exact show times! Join the fun as I tweet live via @kaseyskitchen using #MMFF and #MakeMyFoodFamous

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