Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dine On A Dime: Lobster Dinner at Vertical Wine Bistro

Head on up to Old Town Pasadena’s iconic Vertical Wine Bistro for their weekly Sunday Night 
Suppers for $25 per person with a focus on classic New England comfort food classics, including Executive Chef Laurent Quenioux’s signature Lobster Boil, obviously when I heard "lobster" I came running! 

Vertical Wine Bistro has a great tradition of bringing the family together with their Sunday Suppers, offering comfort foods such as BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken and Beef Bourguignon.  Now they are taking a turn at the classic food of my home, the New England coast. “Everyone likes to share a family meal, but we don’t cook at home as much anymore”, says Chef Quenioux.  “ We want to bring back classic Americana with all the trimmings that children, grandparents, and everyone will love. They enjoy it at large communal tables as a family, having a good time and eating comfort food.”

By the way, did I mention that this dinner is an ABSOLUTE STEAL!!! So let me pain the picture for you. I made my way up the white light-lined stairway to second-story bistro, opting to wait in the lounge area while I waited for my host to dine with. The cocktail waitress brought me over a bar menu and notified me that it was Happy Hour all day... yeah, all day Happy Hour on Sundays. Woohoo! Pacing myself, I simply browsed the menu and sat back to take in my surroundings. The bar had a large TV which was ironically playing The Town. Oh Ben, how you make Bostonians proud! 

After meeting with my host Lyndsey we dined at a wonderful table overlooking the main streets of Old Town Pasadena. We kicked off the dinner with glasses of Red Sangria and a half dozen oysters. I seriously have grown to LOVE oysters! 

There was no need to look at the menu since the idea of a lobster dinner was all I could think about in the days leading up to this date! So here's the deal. For $25 you get a Wedge Salad to start then you're presented with a huge platter lined with Lobster Bisque, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Half of a Lobster Roll (which had shrimp in it too.... a little odd, but I can deal), and a whole Maine Lobster... yes. A WHOLE MAINE LOBSTER!! None of that spiny rock lobster stuff. This is the real succulent deal. 

Oh, and did I mention that you also get dessert with this deal! A warm berry cobbler the size of my face arrived at the table and I was floored. It was tart, sweet, gooey, crispy on top. And just in case you forgot... this dinner is only $25!!! This whole dinner experience was truly a dream for this Boston gal!

Sunday Supper copy.png