Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Has Elves, You Have TaskRabbit!

I recently had my 3rd annual "Friendsgiving" event. The term "Friendsgiving" has wiggled it's way into pop-culture and I'm not gonna lie, I love it! It's a chance to spend time for the people... well, the people you spend the most time with. When we start getting into our mid to late twenties, most of us have moved away from family, have found ourselves in a new place, and have surrounded ourselves with people who make this new place home. Why not give thanks for that! 

Anyway, I prepared my mom's traditional Thanksgiving menu complete with glazed carrots, creamed onions, and the not so traditional, Mac and Cheese... sorry mom, I had to accommodate some picky palates. 

I spent the entire day cooking. The turkey hit the oven around 10:30am and by 6:30pm we were squished gathered into my living room ready to dig in. 

Now let's get honest, shall we. I love to cook... you know that, but the one thing I hate more than anything is CLEANING! Ugh, the word just gives me the heebie geebies! That's why I jumped at the opportunity I received from my friends at OXO to join their #CleanUpThanksgiving promotion. They were willing to give me a bunch of sweet OXO cleaning supplies AND $100 to TaskRabbit

For those of you who are unfamiliar with TaskRabbit, it's pretty much the best thing ever. It's a website (and app) where you can put tasks that you need completed up on your account and their certified (and background-checked) Rabbits bid on the job! So that's exactly what I did. I put up a task that I needed someone to clean-up the dishes and pans after a dinner party and just like that I began receiving bids on the job! 

We selected TaskRabbit Kevin P. because of his stellar reviews and unbeatable bid price. He was fantastic! I had the chance to play games with my guests while all the dishes were taken care of by Kevin in the kitchen. He had everything washed, dried, and laid out for me to easily put things back in their place. He even got in on a round a "Mafia" and had some dessert with us! It was a pleasure having him help out! 

This holiday season, why do all the running around, wrapping and waiting in line yourself? Use TaskRabbit to get the job done! Want me to sweeten the deal? Get a $25 credit to TaskRabbit when you use the code M3PF7FFGCYE
In order to activate this promotion, please go to and enter your promotion code. 

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