Monday, May 6, 2013

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce from Cupcake Provocateur

A simple and tasty version that is simple and easy to make even on a busy
weeknight. Allot of recipes out there include chicken broth and other ingredients but
I feel it waters this sauce down, I prefer the heartiness and full flavor of this
version. You can certainly add to this to make it your own, such as sautéed onions
and garlic or crushed red pepper flakes for a new take on fra diavolo.

6-8 large red peppers
olive oil
alt and pepper

1. set your oven to broil on high

2. place peppers on a broiler pan (be careful not to crowd your pan other wise they
will steam more than roast)

3. brush olive oil on peppers

4. sprinkle salt and pepper on peppers

Place pan with peppers on top rack in oven, leave oven open slightly to let a little
heat escape. broil till skin on pepper starts to char, turning till most of peppers have
a nice char on them.

Peeling and Processing
Take out of oven and place in a pepper bag to steam for about 10 minutes (this will
help to peel them much easier). Be sure to peel them while they are still a little
warm, if you let them cool completely the skin will be much more difficult to peel.
On a cutting board gently peel the skin off peppers, then cut in half, while using a
paring knife gently scrape the seeds and membranes away from you on the cutting
board. Reserve any liquid on the board and place in food processor with peppers
and puree.

add pureed sauce to a sauce pan on med heat, heat until hot adding any additional
salt and pepper to taste.

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