Wednesday, August 1, 2012

“Making Balsamic Your BFF”

The perfect compliment to a dish is the perfect condiment and my all time favorite is Balsamic Vinegar. I never leave home without it. Seriously, I have small travel size bottles, it’s sad.
Anyway, most people limit this tangy, taste bud revitalizer to salads, but today I will show you how there is truly SO much more out there for this liquid to love!

In the past, I had always found myself spending way more than I needed to on Balsamic, hoping for the sweet and creamy blend. I quickly realized that I didnt want to spend a minimum of $15 on a bottle, I learned how to whip up my own.

What You Need:
small saucepan
large bottle of any cheap balsamic
white sugar
squeeze bottle

What You Do:
1. Pour in balsamic so it fills half the pan
2. Turn the stove top on to a low heat - around 3 for an electric top or a small bubble flame for a gas range.
3. Once steam starts releasing, slowly add in a ½ cup of sugar. Try whisking it in to help it dissolve.
4. Lower the heat even more and let simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Be sure to turn the kitchen fan on or crack a window because the small can get strong!
5. To test if it’s ready, tilt the saucepan to the side. If there are “legs” (ask our Vineal Vixen, Julie what that means) on the side of the pan, then you’re good to go.
6. Remove from heat and let cool. Then pour into a squeeze bottle and store in the fridge.

You now have the perfect balsamic glaze for chicken, pasta, and as you’ll see in next week’s post, dessert!

Tip: Really have ZERO time? Add in ½ pack of Splenda into ¼ cup of balsamic, stir and go! You won’t get that same thick glaze, but the taste is delish!

Check back soon to see what’s cookin’ in Kasey’s Kitchen!