Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lisa and Paula and Pasta, OH MY!

Last night I got to re-celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite ladies at my favorite restaurant, Villa Blanca. Yes, it's the coveted hang-out to Kim, Kyle, Taylor, Adrienne and restaurant owner Lisa, but this Beverly Hills Housewives' hot-spot is actually an amazing dining experience. 

The decor is stunning, so much so that I had actually sent pictures of it to my wedding planners to replicate the look... we pulled it off pretty well ;-). It's white and ivory color palate is complimented by silver and bronze metallics that give everything a warm, cozy home (multi-million dollar home) feeling. 

Enough about the look, let's get on to the food! So I've been to this restaurant 4 times now and I always get a variation of the same order. Here are my staples:

Crispy Rice and Spicy Tuna
 Ahi tuna mixed with our harissa aioli atop pan fried rice cakes and garnished with red jalapeno
Baked King Crab Rolls
 A mixture of King crab wrapped in soy paper with risotto and warmed with a touch of creamy spicy aioli

Fusili, Sausage and Sweet Peas. Photo courtesy of Yelp.
Pandora's Salad
Juicy fresh peaches, Buffalo mozzarella, mint, julienned prosciutto on a bed of mâche with a chili honey vinaigrette

Fusili, Italian Sausage and Sweet Peas
Fresh Rotini Pasta, Vodka Pink Sauce, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Sweet Peas

This is without a doubt the BEST PASTA DISH I'VE EVER HAD! I've bragged about this dish to everyone I know. I have had pasta in Italy, Little Italy, and The North End and nothing comes close. I had stayed away from this dish for the past 6 months while I was whittling myself into my wedding gown but now that the "I Do's" have been uttered, I was ready for this! Don't worry honey, I won't "let myself go" just yet :-) One thing I will note though is that it seems they no longer use the same fresh pasta they did before. It was still delicious but there was definitely a difference.

Lisa Vanderpump TV personality Lisa Vanderpump and Villa Blanca Restaurant host memorial for the late Dr. Frank Ryan at Villa Blanca on November 15, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.I've tried my fair share of dessert on my past visits and last night we tried out the Creme Brulee (with 4 spoons). The girls kept talking about it having a "Cheesy" quality, but I'm pretty sure it was because it was thick but very smooth. Most likely marscapone in there! Delicious!

Now sure that dessert was sweet, but what really made our night was when the owner, fashionista and fabulousness embodied, Lisa Vanderpump walked in with her husband Ken and of course, sidekick pup, Giggy. 
Obviously I was stoked that I finally saw her after passing by the restaurant nearly every day, but then out of no where, I look up after putting down my Caipirinha and right in front of me, like Straight Up in front of me, was Paula Abdul! She was there with family and looked great!      She and Lisa chatted for quite a bit and they both seemed super nice, even posing for pictures with a young fan. 
My friends tried to convince me to go talk to Lisa and give her my card... maybe next time, after a few drinks! 

All in all, another fantastic night at Villa Blanca! Can't wait to return! 

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