Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sprinkles Ice Cream: Beverly Chills!

So today I decided to cave in and try the much anticipated Sprinkles Ice Cream shop. Yes, those crazy cupcake people came up with another reason to make us stand in line, take in an insane amount of calories and dish out our wallets.
For the east coast girl in me, it was a relief to finally have some hard ice cream! You can't really get that out here unless you hit up Coldstone.

The decor of the place is as if you were stuck inside a snow cone. White everywhere with red writing on the walls. Can't really complain because there ain't much there.

The line took forever even though it was pretty short. Probably to keep a line outside and make people curious. Anyway, I opted for the signature red velvet waffle cone ( I mean why not, right?) and a small scoop of banana topped with a small scoop of peanut butter. Go for broke!

It was really good but halfway through I really just wanted that cone, so I ditched the rest and enjoyed that red velvety goodness!

Would I go back? Yes. But after a payday. It wasn't cheap!

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