Saturday, July 21, 2012

A new cure for PMS!?

This evening I found myself out with my lady friends while the hubby is on a golf trip (wow I think I just turned 40) and we needed to kill some time before hitting up the laugh factory. We wanted dessert and realized that there arent many places that cater to a late night sweet tooth. I mean sure you got your Canter's and froyos but what about a place that's all dessert all the time here in LA? For my east coast followers, you have the hidden gem that is Finale in Boston.

Anyway. We decided to frolic down Fairfax to the recently opened Pitfire Pizza at 801 North for their cookie sundae. It's worth it. Trust me.
$5 bucks, giant warm cookie, vanilla soft serve and REAL chocolate and caramel sauce on top. Hell to the yes.

The salty in the caramel with the sweet in the chocolate. Yup. Midol in one mouthful. It's heavenly.

Go check it out! Their pizza is pretty rad too btw.