Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Drank The Essential Oils Kool-Aid.

A few months back, I started seeing a ton of post on social media about Essential Oils and how great they are for anxiety, focus, weight loss, hair growth and everything in between. My skeptic hat instantly went on and I thought that this had to be a bunch of crunchy-granola-hippy-dippy shiznit. I shook my head and brushed off all these fabulous claims thinking that there’s no way it could actually work.
A few weeks later I was on a girls getaway and suffered from an unexpected anxiety attack (for those of you who have never experienced one, you don’t always know what causes it or how to prevent it, so it can be a major pain in the 'arse'). After a sleepless night I treated myself to a massage hoping that it would help. The therapist asked if there was a certain scent I wanted used for my massage and I told her whatever would help kick anxiety out. She claimed that she had just the thing. I saw her shake two little bottles into her hand and quickly rub them together. She told me to close my eyes and take three deep breaths. With each breath, a sense of calming came over me and I got this weird tingly feeling. I instantly had to remind myself that there’s no way this is actually working – but then I took another breath and felt even more relaxed, ok, maybe there’s something to this… with the third breath I was in a deeply relaxed state and the therapist had yet to lay a finger on me. After our 60 minutes were up, I asked her what she used in the beginning. She told me it was a combination of Lavender and Orange essential oils and that there are millions of little sensors in our nose that help transmit emotions and (a bunch of other hippy-dippy words) to our brains.

This sent me into a researching frenzy. I read blog after blog about how Essentials Oils worked, the different brands, the different ways you get duped, everything! I figured I would try it out and ordered a set via Amazon. Word the wise, don’t bother. The ones on Amazon are crap. There are only two brands that are certified to be ingested (taken orally) and that’s DoTerra or Young Living. I did a lot more research after sending back the bogus Amazon set (thank you Amazon Prime) I decided to go with one of the bigger brands – Young Living.

Tiffany over at Stuff Parents Need wrote an amazing post that helped seal the deal for me. Through her, I signed up and ordered the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) which comes with everything you need to get things going. You’ll get 11 Everyday Essential Oils, a diffuser, a bunch of literature on the products and some samples to hand out to friends to get them hooked (and they will!). The PSK is the best value in the whole scheme of things. It’s $150 for over $400 worth of product. Kind of a no-brainer #onabudgetbutalwaysclassy.

Once you get your starter kit (click here to order), you can hit up Pinterest like I did and check out all the amazing uses for Essential Oils. Click on the pins below for some ideas!

Essential oils for weight loss Young Living Essential Oils

50+ ideas on how to use the essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit. #YLEO #DIY #DIYbeauty

Getting Into Young Living Essential Oils as a Skeptic

If you’re ready to get started, click here to sign up. If you sign up through me, you’ll get 24% off all your purchases moving forward which is a pretty sweet deal.  I do get a tiny incentive (free oils and such) if you sign up through me, so I’ll thank you in advance! 
If you're not sold on the whole idea yet and only want to try out a few oils, you can do that too! Just contact me and I'll hook you up! :-)

I'm sure the list will grow as I learn more about the different oils but here's a list of my favorite uses, so far:

Boost Energy, Curb Appetite, and Boost Metabolism – Lemon, Grapefruit and Peppermint (orally in capsule)
Highlight Hair – Lemon
Enhance Boring Water – Grapefruit
Create the perfect Yoga setting – Stress Away and Peppermint (diffused)
Clear Complexion – Tea Tree and Frankincense
Soothe Sore Muscles – PanAway
Sleep Soundly – Lavender and Stress Away (diffused)

Stay tuned to Kasey's Kitchen for posts about how to use Essential Oils in everything from food to beauty!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Since signing up, I have gained access to such a knowledgeable community and can quickly find answers to any questions you may have!