Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Caramelized Peach Salad Recipe

I recently recreated a dish from one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles. Call me hokey, but I LOVE Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. Sure, their food isn't as stellar as it used to be which if you're a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you would know that there was a huge blow-out between Lisa Vanderpump, the restaurant's owner and their head chef. You can get filled in on that drama via Bravo.

Anyway, there used to be a salad on their menu that was out of this world. It had everything I loved, fruit, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and a dressing with some serious spice! It was the perfect combination of flavors. 

After realizing that I could no longer order this fave off the menu, I decided that I was going to attempt to replicate it on my own. I wasn't able to match the dressing the way I had hoped but I have to say... I think mine was better. Maybe I'm biased. :-)


Serves 2

1 ripe peach, sliced into thin sections
8-10 slices of prosciutto
1 ball of fresh mozzarella
2 cups of fresh spinach
fresh mint
light agave nectar
balsamic drizzle


Heat a small saute pan over a medium heat. Add in peach slices and let sear on one side. Drizzle with agave and toss. Let a golden color begin to develop and then remove from heat.

Arrange washed spinach with a few scattered mint leaves on a serving plate. Slice mozzarella into sections and scatter among the greens. Top with rolled up pieces of prosciutto and top with seared peaches.

Drizzle with balsamic reduction or a White Peach Balsamic like I did with this one from Olive Oil and Beyond.

Recipe originally posted on 9/17/14

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