Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kasey's Favorite Thing #1: Dexas

Why I love it: 
I was introduced to the Dexas brand through the good old powers of social media. We interacted via Twitter and come to find out, I already had a number of their items in my kitchen without even knowing it. 
They make some of the awesome gadgets that are on store shelves, just under the name of a celebrity chef or personality. 
Their silicon based cutting boards are amazing, they stay where you need them to while you're chopping and dicing. They also have a ton of innovative products like bag clips that double as measuring spoons and a collapsible salad spinner! 

What to win a pack of my favorite Dexas items? Here's what you'll get! 

Everything you need to prepare fresh salads and leafy greens, along with portion guidance gadgets for dressings, toppings and more:
  - 5-quart Salad Bowl
 - 8 oz. KlipKup for dressings or fixings      
 - Salad Hands for tossing and serving     
 - Mezzaluna with scalloped, double blade for prepping leafy greens
- Spoon & Strain Serving Tongs, with 2 TBSP “spoon” side for salad dressing portion control

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