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A Perfect Night at Paiche


Over the past year, I've been fortunate enough to dine at some of the most wonderful restaurants in Los Angeles. From Downtown to Marina del Rey, this city is jam packed with flavors from around the globe and I've been loving every bite.
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A little while back I had the chance to dive into a type of cuisine that is just starting to emerge into mainstream (with much thanks to Chef Ricardo Zarate), which is Peruvian food. Having only become familiar with this cuisine after pausing on an Anthony Bourdain special while channel surfing, I was quite intrigued when I received an invitation to dine at Paiche in Marina del Rey's recently renovated Marina Marketplace.

The atmosphere of Paiche is cool and coastal with sleek lines that are reminiscent of the rolling tide, but who really cares about that... let's talk about the stellar food!

Paiche is Peruvian Food with a Japanese twist. So think, "Ceviche meets Sushi"! I was fortunate enough to have Chef Ricardo join me during my tasting and let's just say, we are now best friends.

@kaseys_kitchen via Instagram

In between chatting... being dared to eat a shrimp head... and being put in a death grip, I enjoyed one of the most exquisite meals, simply, ever. Take a scroll through my delicious journey that included sashimi, ceviche, and some knock-out cocktails.

We started off with a funny sounding dish called "Spatchcocked" which was tender cubes of grilled chicken garnished with a Panca Moro miso sauce.

One of my favorite dishes of the night was the "Yuquitas". These (not so) little puffs of yuca flour were packed with Manchego cheese and opened up into this light, fluffy, steamy, cheesy, goodness of a bite. Can you tell they were my favorite? I just had to wipe the drool off the key board!

 Another dish we tried was actually the restaurant's namesake, the Paiche fish. This Amazonian fish is enrobed in a amarillo vinaigrette and tamari and served with a sweet potato mousse.

You can't have Peruvian food without ceviche! We had a variety including yellowtail, albacore, and blue prawn. And yes, that's the shrimp head that Chef Ricardo dared me to eat.

Another stand out for me was the Wagyu Beef. This thin sliced, seared beef was served over the most scrumptious Parmesan sauce and topped with black truffle. Each bite of this dish was more decadent than the last. Truly stellar.

To see more of my amazing dinner, check out the Facebook Album here!

A special thanks to Chef Ricardo and Mixologist Deysi Alvarez for hosting me for such a memorable meal! Can't wait to come back for more!

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