Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dine on a Dime: Menu Review from Tinhorn Flats in Hollywood

As the end of my tagline, "...on a budget but always classy" suggests, I am always down to find a good deal. Now I'll admit, I've been slacking but living in Los Angeles, finding said "deals" can be a hard to come by. Until now. 

I recently had the chance to check out Tinhorn Flats Saloon &Grill in Hollywood. This is a country-style saloon with a cool and casual vibe tucked-up right in the heart of Hollywood and Highland. Although it's mostly known for it's nightlife, I quickly discovered that this is the place to go to get some pretty awesome grub while you're in the hub of "Tinseltown". Their menu is insanely affordable compared to the rest of the area and I was surprised that bar food could be so tasty, plus with all the specials and promotions they run, this may very well become your go-to Happy Hour spot. Take a scroll down to see some of the mouthwatering dishes Tinhorn Flats serves up daily. 

The Housemade Chicken Meatballs with marinara and basil were an unexpected dish for a bar menu, however the flavor was fantastic. It was a really great size portion, I mean you can't go wrong when you get three balls for six bucks, right?

Up next is the Fried Crinkle Pickles. Talk about addictive! I'm a sucker for pickles so I was pretty stoked to give these a try. The batter was surprisingly light and the pickles still had a good crunch to them. You can also get this bucket with half pickles and half Fried Wagon Wheels (sliced jalapenos). The bucket will run you $5 and there's plenty to go around.  

The Pulled Pork Sandwich was piled high on a seeded wheat bun and topped with house-made cole slaw. I'll admit, the pork did need an extra dose of barbecue sauce but for $8 in Hollywood, this was a great deal.

Tinhorn Flats pride themselves in their burgers. They have nine different varieties that can be made with original beef , 100% grass-fed beef, bison, free-range turkey or vegetarian. The burgers start at $9 but they are massive and come with fries or cole slaw. Again, a $9 dinner (or lunch) at Hollywood and Highland? Yeah, pretty unheard of. 

Last up is what quickly became the crowd favorite. This mouthwatering mound of molten goodness is the Jalapeno Mac and Cheese Brulee. The spice of the jalapenos sneak up on you right at the end. I think there is some magnetic force built in because I could not keep my fork away from the dish even though my tongue was screaming for a break! There's more than enough here and for $8, you're totally getting your money's worth. Want to see if you can master it yourself? Get the recipe here.

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