Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Foodie Fantasy: My Time at Food Blog Forum 2013 [Part 1]

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Once upon a time in a far away land filled with fancy cars and shining stars lived a girl who had a food blog. She would whip up recipes with a dash of this and a bit of that, creating magical spells for your taste buds.

One day, she opened up her trusty MacBook Spell Book and asked, "Google, Google on my Mac, show me events that of food, will not lack". In an instant, the perfect event was revealed, the Food Blog Forum Conference was being held in Walt Disney World. Now this was quite the perfect combination for this young lady for she has been in love with the "Happiest Place on Earth" for as long as she could remember. She thought to herself, "If this event doesn't scream, 'ME', then I don't know what does!?"

With that she set multiple alarms to insure she did not miss out on registration. When the fateful day came, she propped up her laptop to the event page in anticipation and the minutes were counting down... 3...2... Then, a beckoning call from afar, "Kasey, can you come help me with something?" her colleague exclaimed. She rushed through the task only to return to her computer and see the dreaded words, "SOLD OUT". Her heart was crushed and tears came to her eyes. "I never cry! What is wrong with me?" she thought to herself.
With her fingers crossed, she added her name to the wait list and carried on her day, feeling more deflated than a Macy's Parade balloon on Black Friday.

A few weeks later, a cartoon bird flew to her window...ok, it was an email... With a notice that a spot had opened up and it was here's if she wanted it!

Ok, now back to reality!

So yes, you can imagine that I quickly jumped on the opportunity to attend and the rest became history. I just returned back from the event and with my mind reeling, my heart motivated and my butt kicked, I'm excited to share with you my experience! 

I started my journey bright and early, of course I was up even earlier than needed due to the excitement racing through my brain. I had my coordinated luggage ready to go and The Mr. surprised me with a town car from Uber to bring me to the airport.

Once I arrived at LAX, it was time to gear up for the cross-country flight. What better tools than my iPad (case by Boutique Monogram), a sweet and salty Kind bar and of course the latest issue from my girl RayRay.

After a little under 5 hours, I had touched down in Orlando. Thanks to Disney's Magical Express, I didn't have to worry about my luggage, I just walked down to their Welcome Center, hopped on a nice air-conditioned motor coach to my resort and my bags met me in my room later that night.

Once I settled into my room a bit, I hopped on one of the buses to Downtown Disney. This is truly the perfect "appetizer" for your Disney experience. You get to shop (and see what you'll blow your money on in the parks later in the week), people watch, and eat some amazing food. With all the options that DD has to offer I somehow cannot help but go to my favorite place every time I visit. There's something about the Wolfgang Puck Express that I just love. Maybe it's the nostalgia or the [hands-down best] butternut squash soup, but something has continuously brought me back. I opted for my fave soup and a glass of Prosecco (why not!) and even charmed the guy into letting me order a small mac and cheese off the kids menu. 

After walking around a bit more and my first Mrs. Potts spotting (follow #therealmrspotts for more) it was time for something sweet! I contemplated indulging in a Ghiradelli Ice Cream but it was an Instagram post from @chocolateandcarrots that sealed the deal for me! I waited in the what seemed to be enormous line (though it moved quickly) and ordered a single scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with a drizzle of Peanut Butter and a Drizzle of Ghiradelli Dark Hot Fudge. It was the perfect nightcap before I crashed for the night...after the sugar high of course! 

Check back for Part 2 of my FBF Trip!