Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Review] September Box from Goodies Company

So there's this really cool new program launching called Goodies Company and I recently hooked up with them to work on some pretty cool promotions including giveaways, as my Facebook followers know. 
So here's a bit about Goodies ... You sign up for this monthly program and yummy treats show up at your door. Sounds pretty basic right? But here's what makes it awesome!
- It's SUPER affordable, only $7 a month. 
- It's by invite only! And if you know someone (like me) you just might be able to get to the top of the wait-list.
- You plug in what you love and they match up your flavor profile
- You get to try new products before the hit the general market
-  I mean come on, who doesn't like getting surprise packages!
- Oh and it's delicious! 

Have I convinced you enough yet? No? Well take a look at what arrived in the September box. Again, it's $7 - THAT'S IT!

Check back soon for the October "Trick or Treat" Box review! 

September Box - 2012

 Wai Lana Chips - If you like PopChips, You'll LOVE these.
 Super light and low in calories because they are Cassava, not potato. Yummy, zesty flavor too!

Kashi Chocolate Soft-Baked Square - Think "Healthy Brownie".
No it's not a Triple Chunk Ghirardelli Brownie but if you're watching calories and need
a sweet fix, then this will do the trick.

Sensible Food Crunch Dried Fruit - Kind of a strange texture, almost like "Space Food" but throw them in yogurt or oatmeal and it's pretty good.

snackLets Kale Chips - The Portuguese girl in me REALLY wanted to like these but there was something about the taste that was just a little... off. However 150 calories for the WHOLE BAG is pretty awesome and would be a great chip alternative in a pinch.
Snap Infusion Gummies - OK, these were straight up amazing. I have no clue if they actually did what they claimed (Energize, Protect, Balance) but they tasted so good that for 90 calories, I didn't care if they turned me, scratch that. Either way, still good!
Roobiee Red Tea - This was by far my favorite. I LOVE tea so to have a refreshing, healthy, bottled tea was great! The peach flavor was not too over powering either. I totally want a whole case of this one.
SomerSaults - Besides the super cute name, these were pretty tasty! They were crunchy and salty... almost like something you would find in trail mix or bar mix. I don't know if I'd eat a whole pack but again, the low
 calorie count makes it an attractive alternative.