Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Restaurant Recipe] 9021Pho Lemongrass Chicken

                        9021PHO | Chef Kimmy Tang

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out a restaurant that has quickly become a staple in Beverly Hills. 9021Pho is the creation of Chef Kimmy Tang offering Vietnamese cuisine with a French and Californian twist.
Master Chef Kimmy Tang has lived in various countries and traveled around the world to study the traditional recipes of cultures, including France and her home country Vietnam. 

Kimmy is SUCH a delight to be around and her food speaks volumes to the passion she has for not just cooking, but for life! 
Check out the recipe below and go try out more of her yumminess over at the Beverly Hills & Westlake Village locations! 


• 2 1/2 Pounds chicken breast
• 1 Quart chicken stock
• 1 Cup finely chopped lemongrass
• 1 Teaspoon salt
• 1 Teaspoon white pepper
• 1 Teaspoon oil

Sauce: • 1 Quart lemon juice
• 1 Quart honey

1. Marinate chicken with salt, lemon juice, honey and lemongrass. Set aside.
2. In the meantime, preheat the sauté pan with high heat until the pan is hot, add oil and bring it to a high temperature.
3. Place chicken in hot sauté without the juice, pan-fry the chicken until golden brown, turn to other side and pan-fry for a few more minutes or until it becomes golden brown.
4. Add chicken stock and remaining juice. Reduce the heat to a minimum and cook until juice is thick.
5. Serve hot with rice.