Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuffed Chicken Florentine

These ingredients come from Pam J. in Los Angles, CA


Stuffed Chicken Florentine w/ Marinated Cukes.

The Cukes:
In a sealable container, combine ½ c vinegar, ¼ c oil, 1 tbsp sugar and a bit of black pepper.
Mix together, add sliced cucumbers and onions if you have them. Seal and let marinate in fridge while you prepare the chicken.

Stuffing:Depending on how many pieces of chicken you have, use either half or whole loaf of bread.
2 chicken breasts = ½ loaf, 4 breasts=whole loaf.

Break-up bread into small bits and place in mixing bowl.
Add chopped spinach.
Add a small amount of water until bread is damp and you can mold bread together. You’ll usually use a bit less than ½ c water.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Add chopped garlic, about 2 cloves.
Knead together with hands.

Chicken:Pound chicken out flat and thin.
Add stuffing onto chicken and roll up. You can hold it together with toothpicks if you need to.
Heat a skillet on high heat w/some olive oil.
Pan sear chicken until golden brown and cooked throughout.

Plate the chicken with some veggies and your marinated cucumbers, add a shake of dill if you have it, and there, you’re done!